Parody is not Science

      Let us illustrate with an analogy how a parody of MBBK's school can refute any statistical research.

      Suppose some statisticians decide to investigate whether the percentage of Jews in Brooklyn is greater than that in Queens. They act as follows:
Step I: They instruct an expert in Jewish names to draw up a list of typical Jewish names with their correct spellings.
Step II: The investigators check the frequency of these names in the telephone directories of Brooklyn and Queens.

      This perfectly legitimate procedure would indeed establish where the percentage of Jews is greater.

      Now, let us use the punitive methods of Bar-Natan and McKay (BM) to demolish this research:
The reader is encouraged to continue, using his creative imagination.
Obviously such "amendments" would drastically distort the investigation. It is also obvious that such methods are a mockery of the normal conventions of scientific research.